Wellness weekend at Hotel Vejlefjord

January 17th - January 19th

Let's share the joy of movement, cultivate a strong mindset & build physical and mental strength

Want to commence your 2020 with a strong foundation - physically as well as mentally? Then have a further read.


This January, Move Mindfully will be heading to the amazing Hotel Vejlefjord for a weekend filled with movement, nourishing food, spa-time and the opportunity to learn about the body/mind connection from both a psychological and a biological perspective. We can't imagine a better place to learn about movement, self-love and self-compassion. Hotel Vejlefjord is located in the most beautiful surroundings - offering peace and concentration far away from a hectic everyday life - two things that'll support you on this wonderful journey you're about to enter. 

Hotel Vejlefjord has won several prices and is this year nominated for a Danish Beauty Award - with very good reason. It creates a space that gives you the opportunity to reconnect with yourself, others as well as the world around you, and that's exactly what we'll be focusing on during this weekend. Prepare yourself for a weekend incorporating a layered approach to wellness, uniting soft, yet strong movement, nourishing food, spa-treatments that go beyond the ordinary and workshops helping you cultivate a strong and healthy mindset.

With this being said, we can't wait to spend a wonderfull weekend filled with joy of movement, nourishing food, self-love and the beginning of a strong and healthy mindset.

We're beyond excited to welcome you to this unforgettable and transforming weekend.

With love
Lotte & Simon

Hotel Vejlefjord

You'll be staying 2 nights (fri-sun) at the award-winning Hotel Vejlefjord. Vejlefjord is synonymous with subdued luxuory, authenticity, and world-class spa and wellness. This wonderful hotel is located in beautiful surroundings with graceful nature enclosing the hotel and offers fantastic gastronomy and exquisite personal service.

Spa & Wellness

The spa and wellness department at Vejlefjord has won several prices for its exquisite service level and beautiful decoration. If you haven't been spoiled with one of their treatments yet, this weekend is your perfect chance. We've included one full-body massage during your stay to make sure you'll feel reinvigorated after this beautiful weekend.

Prices & inclusions 

Enjoying Vejlefjord is a big priority during this weekend. Therefore, you'll have access to the spa & wellness area throughout your stay. Reenergise after classes in the thermal baths and enjoy its beneficial and therapeutic qualities. 

The spa offers seven different baths, special showers, steam rooms and saunas. Pure indulgence for all your senses.


Every morning you'll wake up to a beautiful breakfast buffet including fresh juices, eggs, fresh fruits, homemade bread, coffee and much more. You'll also be provided with snacks during your workshop, Saturday lunch and two beautiful 2-course dinners. All this to make sure you have easy access to nourish your body and your mind throughout your stay.


You'll be joining different classes with different intensity throughout the day. You'll be introduced to soft morning vinyassa, strong yet gentle pilates classes and classes focusing on mindful awareness. No prior experience with yoga, pilates or mindfulness is needed as we'll make sure to provide you with different options during you classes.


Any questions you might have, please don't hesitate to contact us. It's so important you feel comfortable during your whole stay and therefore, we'll do our absolute best to make sure we meet all your inquiries and expectations. No prior experience to pilates, yoga and/or mindfulness needed. 


Lotte Bregendahl Laursen

Psykolog, Encounter

Mindet 2, 4.th.

8000 Århus C


Tel: +45 51 31 82 80

Mail: lottebregendahl@gmail.com

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